6 Roof Repair Safety Tips

roof repair

You might think the idea of repairing your roof on your own is daunting or impossible. But it is not. You can hire a professional for your roofing needs if needed but DIY is an option to.

If you do choose to repair your roof for a home inspection or minor touchup without a professional, you must practice roof repair safety tips to ensure no serious injuries occur during the repair.

Please consider these safety tips before you start to repair your roof:

#1. Footwear

You need to wear footwear that has very good traction on it before you climb to the top of your roof. This means you should not wear tennis shoes or loafers on your roof. You need to wear boots or heavy shoes with thick and textured bottoms for the best possible traction on the roof.

#2. Wear A Helmet

You cannot be too safe when on a roof. We recommend wearing a helmet during your roof repair project. You can purchase a basic construction helmet at a local hardware store or online. The helmet could save your life in the event of a fall. Please be as safe as you can during roof repair.

#3. Safety Wear

You should wear more safety gear than just a helmet. We recommend you purchase and wear thick work gloves or mitts for safety and handling of materials. We also recommend earphones to protect your ears and we always recommend wearing safety goggles for intensive home repair projects like roof repair. You are better safe than sorry and you can use all of this gear for future projects around your home.

#4. Ladder Safety

Practice basic ladder safety when climbing onto and off of your roof. Place the ladder on a sound and secure surface at a safe angle to avoid the ladder from tipping backward. Do not climb to the very top rung of the ladder either. Place the ladder so that one or two rungs go over the top of the roof for better balance. If possible, ask someone on the ground to hold and secure the ladder from the bottom.

#5. Security Harness

You should wear a security harness and attach a rope to it. This harness could save your life in the event of a slip or fall. Create enough slack in the rope to catch you during a fall and hold you safely above the ground. A harness can be purchased at a hardware store or online.

#6. Tell a Friend

Be sure someone is aware you are on the roof. You should have someone checking in on you during the project to ensure you are still safe and secure on the roof. This same person could help you with the ladder or bringing other materials up to the roof for you.

You should also bring your cellphone with you onto the roof and leave it in your tool bag or in your pocket. Your cellphone could come in handy if your ladder falls and leaves you stranded on the roof.

We hope these roof repair safety tips are helpful for you. Please contact us with any questions on how to be safe on your roof. We will do anything we can to help prevent an injury.

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