What Color Wood Floor Should You Choose?

wood floor

You’ve decided not to install new carpet or purchase laminate floor and want to purchase and install real hardwood floor. Hardwood floor is very stylish and a wonderful investment for a home. But what color wood floor should you choose? This is an important question to answer before you install the floor.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding what color of wood floor to choose:


You should choose a wood color that complements your overall design aesthetic and other décor and features in your home. We recommend that you find a focal point of a room or your home or a structural element such as a fireplace or kitchen countertops and use that to base the wood color off of.

Don’t base the wood color off of a piece of furniture or piece of artwork or something you might replace in a few years since the hope with hardwood floor is for it to last 10 years or more or even the lifetime of your home.

You also should consider the size of the room. We recommend a light-tone wood color or stain for smaller rooms in your home. The light-tone creates a more open feel to the room and an airy ambiance you will prefer in smaller spaces whereas a dark-tone is preferred for more open rooms such as a dining room or a kitchen.

Lighting also comes into play. We recommend you choose a dark-tone wood for rooms with more natural lighting and light-tone wood for rooms without natural lighting.


How much time do you have to clean and wash your hardwood floors? If you choose a dark-tone wood color, you will need to wipe and mop the floor much more often. Footprints and dust will show up much more prominent on a dark-tone wood floor than on a light-tone wood floor. If you don’t have time to wipe down the wood floor several times each week, we recommend a light-tone wood floor.


Do you want a more contemporary or classic look in your home? Different tones and finishes of wood appeal to more modern designs whereas some stains and finishes are more appropriate for traditional décor.

You will find that modern styles complement a dark-tone wood or a white stained or variated color tone of wood whereas the more traditional wood colors are a stained light brown with a consistent finish.

You can see there are several factors to consider before you choose a color for your wood floor. For questions, please contact us online with our convenient-to-use form.

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