How to Install a New Toilet

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Are you ready to install a new toilet at home? Probably, you are tired of the routine issues of the old one. Well! It is really good to get a new one but are you planning to install it yourself or wish to call professionals. The great news is that you can save money by installing your toilet yourself with few DIY tips. This task is quite easier and anyone can complete it with ease.

Below are few simple steps that you need to follow to install a new toilet:

Step 1: Disconnect supply line:

The very first thing that you need to do for installing a new toilet is to shut off the main supply line. Now flush the toilet to remove all the water from tank and bowl as well; however, a small amount of water will still stay in the bowl. In order to get it down, use force cup plunger to drain the line. The water that is still remaining in the tank can be removed with the help of bucket and sponge easily. Finally, disconnect the supply line.

Step 2: Remove your old toilet:

Now you need to remove the old toilet and to do this, simply pop off the trim caps that are available at toilet base. Lose the nuts and remove them. In case if the toilet is too old, the nuts may be rusted, you have to cut them using a hacksaw. When the washer and nuts are taken out, simply rock the toilet and soon you will be able to lift it free. Remove it carefully and stuff the rag into the hole to block gases.

Step 3: Install the wax steal:

Now take a putty knife and remove all the old wax. Also, you have to inspect the flange to ensure that it is free from cracks. If everything is fine then simply remove the rag from the hole and take out the closet bolts from the flange. It is time to install the new wax seal and after this simply hook new closet bolts into respective slots at the flange.

Step 4: Fix the bowl and tank:

Once the wax seal and closet bolts are fixed accurately, the best task is to fix the bowl and tank. Slide the tank bolts from bottom tank opening and align them as per the position of bowl holes. Once adjusted appropriately, simply drop the tank and secure it by tightening the nuts. Tight all the nuts gently until you feel that tank is firmly resting on the bowl.

Step 5: Secure the toilet:

Finally, you have to assemble the new toilet into the flange. In order to do this, make sure that closet bolts protruding from the floor are well aligned with the base holes. Now you have to press the toilet lightly to fix the seal with the wax ring. Use washers and nuts for all bolts and secure them perfectly using a small wrench but make sure that you don’t over tighten them. Secure the new toilet seat and use slip joint pliers for making reconnection of the supply line.

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