Prepare for a Home Inspection

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The process of selling a home is stressful and one of the most stressful steps is the home inspection. You want your home to pass inspection so it sells for the price you want and to avoid any major repairs or costly upgrades.

You can ease some of the stress of a home inspection if you prepare for it first. Here are some steps to prepare for a home inspection:


We recommend you complete all routine home maintenance before a home inspection. You should clean out the gutters and downspout before the inspector arrives and ensure that all of the downspouts are pointed far away from the foundation of your home.

You should pour a gallon of water into the gutter and ensure the water funnels correct and out and away from your home. If it does not, you need to correct this before the home inspection.

You should also repair shingles and defects in your roof. The roof will be one of the main focal points of the inspection.

Inspect the perimeter of the home and caulk and repair holes and damage to the walls. We also recommend you repair torn window screens and frames before the day of the inspection.


Be sure the inspector will have easy access to the attic, circuit panel, furnace and other key areas of the interior of the home. If the inspector is unable to provide a full report the buyers could become wary of the purchase.

You should replace any burnt out lightbulbs and use LED if possible for better lighting.

Install a new furnace filter before the inspection so the furnace it operating at its peak condition during the inspection.

Run water in the sinks and bathtub to ensure water is draining properly. Unclog any drains before the inspector arrives.

Run tests on the smoke detectors and CO2 detectors in the home. You could be safe and replace the old ones with new ones to be 100% safe.

The less notes or concerns the inspector has after the home inspection, the better chance the buyers are encouraged to move forward with purchasing the home at the agreed upon price.

Some small investments and repairs in the home before the inspection could save you thousands in the sale price before all is said and done.

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