Which Screw Should You Use?


There aren’t many home repair projects that don’t require some type of screw for fastening or securing two items together. Screws are common in almost every single DIY home repair or professional project.

You probably don’t give too much thought to the types of screws when they’re included by the manufacturer if you are building something but what if you need to purchase the screws yourself for a DIY project? How do you know which screws you should use for a project?

Let’s explain each type of screw and what they’re best used for:


A screw head is named after its shape. There are six screw head shapes commonly used for DIY home repair projects:

  • Flat
  • Pan
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Hex
  • Truss

Each type of screw head will require a different type of screwdriver to properly screw them into the project components.


A wood screw is the most typicaly screw used in home repair and DIY projects. A wood screw features a coarse thread to grip wood fibers. You will use a wood screw in most outdoor garden or patio projects or when assembling something made of wood boards and planks.


A drywall screw is often used to attach something to the drywall in your home. You will notice that drywall screws have a flared head to attach to drywall studs.


The thread on a sheet metal screw is very sharp. The sharp thread allows the screw to cut into metal.


Bolts are very common in home repair projects. Bolts require nuts for fasteners. You will screw or drill the bolt through the material and then fasten the nut on the alternate side to secure the bolt in place.

We recommend you purchase extra of the screws you need for a project as they’re small and can be lost in the middle of a home repair project. You should purchase one or two extra. If you don’t need them, store them for a future project that requires that type of screw.

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